Bernard Duncan Resigns KPFK Station Manager Position

Effective at 3pm, January 14, Bernard Duncan resigned his position as Station Manager of KPFK. Pacifica Interim Executive Director, Summer Reese, was in attendance for the announcement. No details on the cause of Duncan's departure were offered to assembled KPFK staff.

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The home page is whatever is Ian’s latest statement. It can always be found at

The Forum is found in the top navigation or here:
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THIS page is NOT in the Forum, right? WHERE is it?
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I can’t figure out how to enter a greater than sign, so I’ll just ask it this way…

What is the Home .. Blog link that is sitting up above?

Is there one place I can see all of the top level threads of discussion?

The Forum is nearly useless. See;
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Dennis, anyone can start a thread on the Forum page.

This is not my personal blog.
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akpfk loyalist’s post below states in the fewest words possible what is wrong with KPFK and Pacifica at large. That no listener/supporter question is ever answered reflects the hobbled culture of a network established to be fully accountable to the same group.

As with all ‘left’ institutions, factionalization and shortage of funds drives the ever-rotating leadership to claim what success they can and to hide their failures before their terms are up. With most energy focused on ideological clashes little is left to focus on the essential issues of creating the financial structures necessary to keep the stations on the air. This is true for local boards and management as well as the Pacifica National Office.

Each of the five stations faces significant challenges. WBAI’s airtime will soon be leased to an external entity. KPFK runs a significant annual budget deficit and is being run by a part-time station manager. KPFA shares its station manager with KPFK and some with influence would like to see it leave the network to shield its relative financial security from weaker stations. KPFT is engaged in a tax dispute with the state of Texas. WPFW is unable to fulfill the premiums purchased during fund drives. And at most stations professional programmers and managers are distracted by constant meddling from the multi-layered boards and national staff.

None of this will be resolved until a rational majority is established on all of the boards or the bylaws are rewritten which would require a rational majority on all of the boards.

The best that concerned listeners can do is run for positions on the local boards which feed to the national board, but election schedules and the criteria for election are in flux.

In my opinion it is probably too late to save the network. A new round of lawsuits will result from firings and layoffs at stations that can’t be sustained. Defending these suits would only drive the foundation deeper into debt.

If it’s any consolation Pacifica is just one of thousands of non-profits teetering on the brink of extinction.
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This page seems to be in a blog for Robert Blackman. Scroll to the very top of this page. You will see (I hope) “Home >> Blog”. Click on “Blog”. That will take you to the top level. Notice there are only a few subjects and only one author, Robert Blackman.

Is it possible for other people to start a thread? How?

Dennis Allard
Januare 23, 2014
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One more sadly out of date website by the paid and volunteer staff at KPFA. KPFK’s staff to my knowledge has never been organized and the so-called “gag orders” against discussing on-air community-radio issues, often mentioned in the Save and Worker KPFA websites, have been and remain imposed at KPFK. That much is known. Is it true that it costs WBAI $50,000 a month to maintain a broadcasting site on the Empire State Building? Wow, talk about Wall Street’s pernicious effect on NY rents. Even WBAI is a victim. from July 2013
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Here’s a more recent posting from SaveKPFA, regrettably still six months old. I’ve asked for a clarification of the current situation. According to SaveKPFA, the only Pacifica stations in the black — or that were in the black, before the current chaos at Pacifica HQ — were KPFA and KPFK. WBAI, reportedly under Pacifica board-appointed management, is a fiscal wreck according to a 2012 independent audit. Most disturbing to me, although I cannot confirm them, are claims that (1) a partial reason for the national deficit are exceptional salaries drawn by Pacifica board members and (2) that Pacifica board members in a private meeting agreed to hire acknowledged union-busting law firms to defeat employee organizing at the larger stations. If this is true, the problems Pacifica faces are larger than just a few personnel and programming conflicts. (go to Home), the report is from August 2013 Bob
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I found this online. Apparently KPFA in Berkeley is having its problems with Pacifica also. Once again, locally trusted individuals are concerned about the future of the Foundation, but even more their radio station. This isn’t a trial by law, but my goodness, with such apparent unanimity among Pacifica station programmers and members, it would be good to hear a coherent statement from Pacifica Foundation’s board describing its plans for the future and how the stations fit into them. I can’t endorse the KPFA call to arms, but it’s worth a read. From one Loyalist to another. Bob
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How helpful it would be to readers of this site to find actual INFORMATION, verifiable or with a reference or “quotes” that are actual of what has been said, vs. all the maligning.

I, like so many others, am searching for clarification of what is happening at my radio station. The ugly implied insults and offenses to other posters here presented are wild, mean-spirited and obfuscating. The tiny bits of what may be [maybe] actual info of what is going on with GM, iPD or Exe. of Pacifica would be most helpful and help all of us who truly want to know…know what is actual, not mostly opinionated and slanted.

To have to sort thru most of the ‘31’ comments has been frustrating, even if nothing new in this comment on others’ comments. Some do give a bit of info and many others are busy attacking, defending or maligning or disliking others, at the station and writers here too. But this also sort of fits in with the way I have also experienced the LSB meetings, the opaqueness of operations at KPFK when volunteering there, and the difficulty of finding even a little bit of research which I,too, try to dis-cover on line.

The statement given of Bernard’s leaving caused by his lover’s job in NZ is more like every other lying politician who wants “to spend more time with his family.” oh sure. That’s it ? uh huh.
In fact, he referred to leaving KPFK [was a slip ?] he said it also at the Sept 2013 LSB meeting. So then in public comments I dared to ask why, when, what was this departure ? And his affronted response was that it was “personal and none of anyone’s business”. I guess I learned more than I intended about attitude, but not about intentions or facts. And certainly nothing about how KPFK operates inside the bowels and hallowed halls.

That both Ian Masters and Alan Minsky are seriously worried about losing their jobs has been noted in all the rumoring and attempts to gain support. I had not seen Ian’s petition before this one here. And even at the last Jan 2014 LSB meeting that had a room totally overfilled with programmers, KPFK staffers, and many unrecognized public members having their say, no revelations were actually made. . Tho I asked clearly in public comments TWICE as to "what is going on ? why are so many people here complimenting and complaining….[mostly about Minsky ]” and what was not being said while all comments are made to support one side or the other ? …After 5 hrs, I sadly noted that not one LSB member nor pubic nor staff nor programmer [who had not left by the end of meeting] said a single explanatory sentence of who was doing what to whom or why, etc. I was still left with my questions unanswered, as if I had said nothing. Maybe I was a ‘nothing’ and do not merit any answers ?

I was startled to realized how obviously my open direct bold questions were ignored and thus my concerns denied. After most attendees had left the room and the meeting, only then 1 LSB member talked to me [aside, quietly] and gave me a brief and confusing version of what that person thought had occurred, saying the iPD was having to do with search committees and LSB member changes that ….whatever…

I did not fully understand but realized I was being given at least a bit of information – where no one else could see / notice / or do a retaliatory reaction to the person speaking to me – for that momentary explanation. What country do we live in ? What atmosphere of fear or embarrassment or worry about retaliation are we encased by here in LA, in CA, in USA, at KPFK meetings? Sure scares me !

Only by googling did I even find a mention of the GM changes, and it brought me here, where I have recently signed on to post too. At least here.

If anyone else has any actual honest real information they truly believe – that is not contaminated or clouded or confounded by the rest of their alliances, their opinions, their life slants and so on, it would be helpful to all the ‘rest of us’ who just Want To Know What Is Really Going On at OUR radio station, huh ? Anyone ? Here ? or refer us to elsewhere ? All the public that pays, works, stays loyal and dedicated to KPFK for so long and so diligently and are kept out ‘in the dark’ or only hear the visious attacks at others instead of The Facts, Madam, Sir, = just the Facts, please !
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OK. Looks like all impertinent points have been made. Any future post on this thread that is primarily name calling – from either side – will be deleted. There’s value buried beneath the ideological attacks and I’d like other visitors to be able to find it without a shovel.
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Thanks, Shawn. I get where you’re at. Bob
commented 2014-01-21 10:46:22 -0800 · Flag

There you go projecting again.

Sorry you don’t like my personal style, but then, few bullies do when confronted with it. Truth is, I don’t suffer fools gladly, and being a fact based free thinker who doesn’t buy into failed, outdated ideologies of wanna be revolutionaries camping out in the sand of Arizona, I have developed the noble tendency to stand up and fight for my friends when they are being unfairly maligned and called “Loons” by people who know little to nothing of what they are talking about.

If that makes me a bully, so be it. I tend to see myself as a champion of Ms. Reese, who under very difficult circumstances, is busily trying to turn this venerable old network around, so that it has at least a chance to last another 60 years. And I say, “Bully to that.” Circumstances, by and large, made incredibly more difficult by your neo-Bolshevik buddies on the LSB and PNB.

And Bob, I’m not poking you or anyone else in the eye, that pain and irritation you’re feeling, is me poking holes in your fact resistant arguments, and that just feels like a polk in the eye. Also, the fact you seem to think you know the “back story” of what’s happening at KPFK or Pacifica as you prowl the mean streets and back allies of Arizona, well, that’s simply laughable. Admit it Bob, you haven’t got a clue about what’s actually going on at the network, but like a good little Bolshevik you’re faithfully following the “Party line.”

Now admittedly, I’m fairly removed from all things Pacifica, myself, as I haven’t been on the PNB or LSB since early 2011, but unlike you, at least I served and have a basic understanding of the real and continuing problems of Pacifica, as does Ms. Kaufman and Rosenberg, both who are currently serving, but somehow your 30 years of ‘listening to the radio,’ trumps all that. That’s rather presumptuous on your part, to put it diplomatically.

You got one thing right, I want to properly hang all those “bad programing decisions” on the iPD and our recently departed GM, as they are the ones who made them. But then, I understand your thinking, as you Bolsheviks were never very good at taking responsibility for your actions, where you?

Truth is, real PDs live and die by the numbers and Minsky numbers aren’t just bad, they are destructive — just ask the CPB.

Why one could almost believe that our programing strategy over the last four years has been a ‘scorched earth’ policy, I know you Bolsheviks like that kind of thing. For the record, Minsky told me years ago (behind the locked doors in Studio A, no less), that he, Dan Siegel, and Lidia Brazon use to attend a Communist Party Youth League Camp in Italy, back in the day, so he’s familiar with such a policy, and again, it looks like he applied it to our programing.

If he can’t control the grid, nobody will, right?

For the record, as this old para-legal understands it, the word ‘interim’ has real legal significances, when it comes to labor law. Interim means anyone put in a temporary position for a year or less. Your comrade, Mr. Minsky, has been in his current ‘interim’ position for somewhere around 4 years without any legally required hiring process taking place, making him, in fact, permanent in that position. As such, it appears to this reasonable man, that Mr. Minsky has illegally held his iPD position for at least three years.

Where does the time go, when your busy bringing a once great radio station to its knees?

But that doesn’t bother an old Bolsheviks like you, does it Bob? Just like you seem content, or at least unperturbed by the fact that, in those 4 years we’ve lost well over half our audience and ALL our CPB funding, because we have a faux iPD that, IMHO, has neither the educational background, skill set or interpersonal abilities to be a PD. But, worry not, his fellow travelers down at the Italian CP Youth League say he’s a stand-up guy. So pop that well worn tape copy of ‘The Internationale’ into your slightly sandy cassette player, and you and your fellow Bolsheviks can raise your voices in solidarity with the workers of the world, while conveniently turning a blind eye to the facts and realities on the ground at Pacifica.

Stalin’s got nothing on you, sir. Oh, BTW, not only was Stalin a Bolshevik, but he was the editor of their newspaper. You may have heard of it: Pravda. So excuse me for saying so, and please don’t think me a bully when I tell you:

You’re wrong again Bob.
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A certain public likes certain programming at certain convenient times. Doesn’t seem to have averted the funding crisis. Perhaps the problem is with the concept of funding in the first place. I looked at the Nielsens to which you referred: KPFK is compared with four mainline PBS stations in the LA market, one of which is playing prerecorded classical music all day, prerecorded jazz all night, while the others sporadically deal exclusively with conventional popular culture and “politics” specific to their respective suburbs. The same situation — authentic community radio not pulling the numbers of institutionalized (i.e., corporate) public radio — is common to every major market. The problem is that the small numbers listening to KPFK — they have always been small numbers listening to KPFK except during crises, riots and assassinations and demonstrations and the like — are tapped out, and no one else is being approached to give or wants to give. Why would that be? Chaos on the back benches, possibly? No solid idea of what’s coming next? No physical outreach beyond Burbank (one of the lamest locations for a community radio station in L.A.)? (The Hammer Forums are a rare break from that routine.) These have little to do with programmers per se or even program direction. Duncan is gone, if you need a scapegoat. He can serve. Then we might discuss the larger issues. So again, Kim, what’s the agenda going forward?
When might we find out? From whom? And with what expectation of us, the members?

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PS Denis, Mr. O’Brien wants to hang the bad programming decisions on Duncan and Minsky, but the back story is that they were always on the run catering to hostile LSB factions and avoiding the chaos that was and still is happening within Pacifica and its one-time flagship station, WBAI. A GM and a PD are not gods. When instructed from on-high to feature Null — whose politics and products have become sadly indistinguishable — as a “proven” money-raiser (that remains to be seen), they complied. My sense is that that experiment failed because KPFK isn’t WBAI and even back there, the reporting has been skewed for various self-serving purposes. It’s easy to kick people when they’re down while ignoring the institutional causes for their failures. Just read Kafka. “The Trial.” You’ll get a sense of what I mean. No, Denis, you weren’t wrong to cast your net for bad programming decisions made beyond the purview of Bernard and Minsky. Don’t feel you have to apologize to anyone, especially someone harboring unbridled anger for deeds done that apparently had nothing to do with him.
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Shawn, your personal style is one big finger waiting to poke someone in the eye. Bully. Back down a tad, big boy. You have no monopoly on wisdom and your truths aren’t my truths. My political analogies wouldn’t sound old to you if you were current on political theory, but whether or not, your pop psychology doesn’t win you any friends on this side of the keyboard. Feeble this, feeble that, uninformed, ill-informed — geez, maybe we should go hang ourselves. LIsten smart guy, I’ve been a KPFK listener longer than your new iGM — who is the new iGM, I haven’t heard — has been in community radio. So leave the ad hominem shit at home. We might have a civil conversation with someone from the new management if they were speaking for themselves. Allowing you to speak for them is such a big mistake, it makes me wonder if they’re in charge or not…again.

BTW, Stalin wasn’t a Bolshevik, buddy. He was a dictator, plain and simple a bureaucrat who saw a chance to exploit discord in Russia to advance his own fortunes and make his story the only story. Sound familiar?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll to hear from new management, and I don’t mean Pacifica management, I mean our management — KPFK’s management . It better be good.

Bob Jacobson, Tucson, Arizona
(Several hundreds or thousands of us don’t even live in L.A. We give not because of this or that political faction, but because we depend on KPFK for a sophisticated, alternative point of view. If new management finds a way to address and harness our population of well-off expats — as the last management did not, to be honest — it will win my admiration.)
commented 2014-01-20 12:37:25 -0800 · Flag

First, stop projecting the faults of you and your friends onto others. It’s a stale old trick that only proves you really can’t dispute the facts.

As for the acrimony you now detest, I remind you, it was all started by your friend Ian Masters’ attack on Summer Reese and his mindless self-serving defense of Alan Minsky. Who the facts bare out, has cost KPFK well over half its audience and ALL of its CPB funding. Rail and rant all you wish about the lack of comity and community, but let’s be honest, that too, is just a rather feeble attempt to deflect from the fact that you or Masters can’t deal with the facts as laid out here by myself, Ms. Kaufman or Ms. Rosenberg.

Our recently departed GM was an enabler of Mr. Minsky and all his — do I say, uninformed or ill-informed — programing decisions, but that GM is now gone and a new iGM has been brought in. One with something like 30 years radio management experience, so before you declare that, “KPFK is without leadership,” why don’t you give the new iGM six months and/or a couple of fund drives, to see what kind of new leadership we have in place and what his plans and strategy are for turning things around.

Go to the next LSB meeting or two, hold your penchant for yelling and grandstanding in check, and listen to what the new iGM has to say and how he answers your legitimate questions. Dare I say, you may, if you can momentarily lay down your beast, be pleasantly surprised? I know that at the recent Staff meeting, all but a few of Minsky’s sycophants, were. As such the station has been invigorated, for the first time in years, by having a true radio professional at the helm.

BTW, all your blather, about ‘Post Lenin – pre Stalin …whose Trotsky?’ is silly and makes you sound outdated and irrelevant — just saying.

And finally, why should Kim or I, “Chill?” The naive Mr. Masters and gullible Ms. Reik started all this with their backward looking arguments and trash talk; and when did a general rebuttal of a specious argument, become trolling?

That, sad to say, makes you sound like an intellectual coward who resorts to such ‘stretches,’ because you can’t accept or deal with reality. For the record, not you, not Mr. Masters, nor Mr. Minsky has disputed any of the facts laid out by all those people you now accuse of trolling.

That’s a fact!

So, again stop projecting, deflecting and making excuses for the inexcusable.

If you wish to argue, try using the facts, as opposed to, the names of a bunch of dead Bolsheviks — talk about over the top — which again, only emphasizes that you are bereft of any real or plausible counter arguments, Comrade.
commented 2014-01-20 08:26:45 -0800 · Flag
per correction to my parsing of “them” in:

Shawn Casey O’Brien stated:

>The GM & PD are responsible for programming. I guess you didn’t know that,
> but if you don’t care for Gary Null, Chem trail crap or 9/11 truthers — you
> should take it up with them.

Contrary to my initial interpretation, “them” here is not Gary Null et. al. but, rather the GM and PD. OK, I stand corrected and understand the suggestion. I hope that an organized movement ensues kindled by some of the voices who support Ian Masters and Alan Minsky. That organized movement in whatever form, will hopefully result in a GM and PD who know enough to not put on programming of the type I have criticized as being cult-like. As for the aspersion that I am engaging in cult reasoning myself, that does not merit comment., That being said, I’ve expressed my opinions as to the quality of that genre of programming and will not engage in further critique of that phenomenon here.

Instead, I will be looking for leadership from Ian Masters and others who signed the petition in support of Alan Minsky (list repeated below).

Dennis Allard
long time listener and supporter of KPFK


The petition in support of Alan Minsky is at this URL:

The signers are:

Robert Scheer, Truthdig Radio
Suzi Weissman, Beneath the Surface
Jon Wiener, 4 O’Clock Report
Ian Masters, Background Briefing
Sonali Kolhotkar, Uprising!
Blase Bonpane, World Focus
Terrence McNally, Free Forum
Maria Armoudian, The Insighters
Antonio Gonzalez, Strategy Session
Jimmy Dore, The Jimmy Dore Show
David Feldman, The David Feldman Show
Howard Bloom, Deadline LA
Lila Garrett, Connect the Dots
Eric Mann, Voices from the Frontlines
Andrew Tonkovitch, Bibliocracy
Lalo Alcaraz, Pocho Hour of Power
Jim Lafferty, The Lawyer’s Guild
commented 2014-01-19 21:50:51 -0800 · Flag
PS Denis and others, KPFK isn’t a “left” station and it isn’t a “911” station and it isn’t an English or Spanish language station or frankly, much of a Pacifica station anymore, Pacifica itself having taken a high dive into a shallow pool. Start from the premise that this is community radio, and the community is bigger than just a few of us.
commented 2014-01-19 21:47:32 -0800 · Flag
The acrimony here is really something else. If station management is to do one thing well, it’s to enable a sense of comity and community, so that we aren’t into shouting matches. It seems, however, that neither the past management nor the current one have been capable of providing this most elemental requirement. Pacifica is thus under siege, by its own adherents. And KPFK is without leadership at all. That some of you take pleasure in this situation is reprehensible. Through it all, I have yet to hear any sort of strategy or plan for sorting things out from the current management. If this continues, the station and Pacifica will have no supporters left or income, forcing the sale of the station and the demise of Pacifica. What a sad ending that would be. The ad hominem attacks here have to end and a program developed to save the station. Right now, the situation to me resembles nothing more than Russia post-Lenin and pre-Stalin. Is Reese the new dictator? Is Null? Are the 911 apparatchiks in charge? Who’s Trotsky? The general tone is so over the top, it’s a general discouragement. Shawn and Kim, chill, huh? You’re on enemy territory, so stop trolling. Denis, please, hold the insults, the personalities on air speak for themselves, who and what they are.

So, when do the listenership and especially we members get a recounting from all sides in a common forum? Or is that beyond possibility now that everyone have been threatened by someone else? In which case, we members should convene our own meeting and have our own discussion of what to do next with our dough. – Bob
commented 2014-01-19 15:29:00 -0800 · Flag
Thanks, Kim, for straightening out Mr. Allard for me. Yes, the “they” I was, in fact, referring to was the PD & the GM. Sorry Dennis missed that, perhaps his cult like thinking — you know the cult of Minsky & Masters he follows blindly in spite of the facts or reality — got in the way.

Be that as it may, thanks again for clearing things up for him.
commented 2014-01-19 11:36:20 -0800 · Flag
Shawn Casey O’Brient stated:

> if you don’t care for Gary Null, Chem trail crap or 9/11 truthers — you should take it up with them

One cannot “take it up” with irrational cult thinking. They do not reason. They believe and distort truth to fit their perceptions as “:facts”. No amount of reasoning can convince them. This applies not only to AIDS-denier Null, Chem Trail people, etc. it applies to climate change deniers, scientologists, people who thought the Salem witches werd witches, and the Spanish Inquistion denying the science of Galileo. I could accept a panel discussion once per year that included both anti-conspiracy scientists and psychologists on the panel who understand cults and how people join them. Maybe one such panel discussion like that every six months.

But there seem to be programmers who hock these cult-like beliefs on the air regularly. It is an embarrassment to KPFK and the the Left at large.
commented 2014-01-18 22:34:01 -0800 · Flag
Sincere thanks to you, Ms. Rosenberg. Don’t hold your breath though, for a reply from Mr. Masters — lately he hasn’t been dealing in a fact based world, as your comments so apply demonstrated.
commented 2014-01-18 22:31:05 -0800 · Flag
Dear Mr. Allard,
The GM & PD are responsible for programing. I guess you didn’t know that, but if you don’t care for Gary Null, Chem trail crap or 9/11 truthers — you should take it up with them.
commented 2014-01-18 22:03:39 -0800 · Flag
Who I trust…

I do not know who Kim Kaufman, Shawn Casey O’Brien, and Tracy Rosenberg are, but if they are opposing support for Alan Minsky, I have a problem with that.

I place my trust in the programmers I have trusted over the years, a couple of whom I know personally having done volunteer work for them (Blase Bonpane and Jim Lafferty). Those programmers signed a petition supporting Alan Minsky.

The petition is at this URL:

The signers are:

Robert Scheer, Truthdig Radio
Suzi Weissman, Beneath the Surface
Jon Wiener, 4 O’Clock Report
Ian Masters, Background Briefing
Sonali Kolhotkar, Uprising!
Blase Bonpane, World Focus
Terrence McNally, Free Forum
Maria Armoudian, The Insighters
Antonio Gonzalez, Strategy Session
Jimmy Dore, The Jimmy Dore Show
David Feldman, The David Feldman Show
Howard Bloom, Deadline LA
Lila Garrett, Connect the Dots
Eric Mann, Voices from the Frontlines
Andrew Tonkovitch, Bibliocracy
Lalo Alcaraz, Pocho Hour of Power
Jim Lafferty, The Lawyer’s Guild

I am sure I speak for many listeners of KPFK. I hope I speak for a significant majority of listeners who cannot stand Gary Null, Chem Trail crap (it is crap by elementary laws of physics), 911 “truth” crap (ditto plus mass psychology of cults), people wasting air time about how to deal with money by visualizing ,etc.

So, WHOEVER is responsible for that crap can hopefully be shown the door an replaced. (Again, I am “just” a listener and long time supporter of KPFK and am not an insider).

Dennis Allard
Santa Monica
commented 2014-01-18 15:48:55 -0800 · Flag
Thanks, Kim for that sober assessment. As well as all you do!
commented 2014-01-18 13:49:54 -0800 · Flag
Better fine tune that radar, Bob, since all you seem to be picking up is the fact free BS that Ian & Minsky are spewing. Ask your buddy Ian Johnston for some help.
commented 2014-01-18 13:36:51 -0800 · Flag
LA Times, May 13, 2007, “A Quarter-Century of Level-Headed Talk”
commented 2014-01-18 13:31:50 -0800 · Flag
PS Alan Minsky has done yeoman work as Program Director and threw himself into other responsibilities in a time of crisis as no others did. You’re maligning him just adds to your discredit.
commented 2014-01-18 13:29:40 -0800 · Flag
Sorry, Shawn, I disagree with you on every point. Reese is a loon. The station is in disarray because there has not been more, not less, light shown on its operations. Special-interests attempting to impose points of view via the various boards and mechanisms created for other purposes, without a sense of community purpose, are responsible for the insane volatility at KPFK. And Ian is hardly a slacker in the journalistic field. His work stands on its own. Your Google skills obviously need some fine-tuning. More importantly, your “CIA connections” aspersion and your general tone of condescension don’t serve you well. I wouldn’t take your advice ever. As a listener and supporter of KPFK for four decades, my radar for bullshit in that regard is pretty well tuned. – Bob
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